Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Peter Bruntnell

I'm just listening to England's Peter Bruntnell for the first time. I've always been a sucker for a good singer-songwriter, and that's how Bruntnell's music was described to me. By whom? Honestly, I can't remember. (Sad, isn't it?)

So, I've started my exploration with 2005's "Ghost in a Spitfire". Has it blown my socks off? Well, not really. But there's something about his songs and delivery that makes me want give a listen to the CD a few more times before I just file him away on the shelf.

The title track "Ghost in a Spitfire" is a story that really gets to me. Perhaps so more now, since I'm living in the UK.

I've just read that he has a new CD, called "Peter And The Murder Of Crows", coming out in September.

Any Bruntnell fans out there, reading this? Thoughts on this artist?



At 6:15 PM, Blogger People Are Leaving said...

First off I'd like to say I like Peter's new record quite a bit. A return to form of sorts. As for his back catalogue, you may have strated in the wrong place.
You need to go back further to experience the greatness that is Peter Bruntnell.
Start with Normal for Bridgwater then move on to the follow-up,The Ends of The Earth. Ghost in a Spitfire was somewhat of a disappointment for me. It just didn't stick. If interested, you can go here for a Comp I put together.

Handful Of Stars - Normal For Bridgwater
N.F.B. - Normal For Bridgwater
Tabloid Reporter - Ends Of The Earth
Here Come The Swells - Ends Of The Earth
By The Time My Head Gets To Phoenix - Normal For Bridgwater
Cosmea - Normal For Bridgwater
Ends Of The Earth - Ends Of The Earth
Lay Down This Curse - Normal For Bridgwater
One Drink Away - Ends Of The Earth
Darling I Suppose - Loose Sounds Of The Old West
Shot From A Spring - Normal For Bridgwater
Played Out - Normal For Bridgwater
Perfume River - Ghost In a Spitfire
Rio Tinto - Ends Of The Earth
You Won't Find Me - Normal For Bridgwater
Fear of Lightning - Ghost In a Spitfire
Forgiven - Normal For Bridgwater
Outlaw (May The Sun Always Shine) - Normal For Bridgwater


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