Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm Listening To: "Dirt Farmer" - Levon Helm, 2007

I'm really on an "Americana" kick these days - perhaps as a result of being a little homesick for the States, maybe?

Whether that's the reason or whether this is just a coincidence, I am finally getting around to listening to Levon Helm's "Dirt Farmer" after buying it earlier this year. And what a treasure it is, too.

The CD won best traditional folk album at this year's Grammy Awards.

If any of you remember The Band, then Helm's voice will be a haunting reminder of some fabulous music from your past. But even if you don't, don't worry. Helm's plaintive tone will get into your heart anyway.

I didn't realize that Helm was born in Arkansas. So was my mother, so I have strong roots in that Southern state. In honor of his parents, Helm (along with his daughter Amy, his co-producer and background singer on many of the cuts) has put together an assortment of both traditional and new songs. Sometimes it's hard to figure out which are the old ones and which are the modern ones. I recognized Steve Earle's "The Mountain". And I believe that I've heard "Calvary" before. Otherwise, I had to follow along by looking at the liner notes.

This is very much what my grandmother would have called "old-timey music". And how I wish Nanny was still alive to hear "Dirt Farmer". She's be tickled pink!



At 2:54 AM, Anonymous june in florida said...

Have you been to Arkansas? If not you should make the trip.I lived in Nw Arkansas for 2 yrs '96 to '98.It is a most beautiful and incredible state.So much natural beauty and the people are what the word neighbor means.I drove to Florida twice and have driven the back roads and the delta of Arkansas.Walk up and down Dickson st in Fayetteville on a Saturday night and you will hear every kind of music imaginable.


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