Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm Listening To: "Sidetracks", Steve Earle, 2002

As I wrote yesterday, I finally got my hands on "Sidetracks", the 2002 release from Steve Earle - after having it on my Wish List on Amazon UK for a long time.

It was so worth the wait, too!

It's a fascinating CD full of things that, for one reason or another (sometimes because they were created for soundtracks), were never put on one of Earle's other CDs. As he himself has written...

"With the exception of two instrumentals," Steve explains, "these are not outtakes. They are, rather, stray tracks…that I am very proud of and that are either unreleased or underexposed."

For me, the stunner of the CD is his duet with Sheryl Crow on the classic Chambers Brothers' hit, "Time Has Come Today". (Crow's vocal was recorded in LA, though, while Earle was located in Nashville.) It's worth the price of the CD just for this fantastic cut!



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