Friday, September 26, 2008

Trevor Nelson on BBC Radio 2

My last post here was about British soul singer Anthoney Wright. Well, through one of his fan sites, I found out that Wright would be performing live this week on the Wednesday night R&B/soul programme hosted by Trevor Nelson on BBC Radio 2. It's not a programme I had ever listened to before.

Now since I'm not much of a night owl during the working week (I get up at 5:30am Monday through Friday - yawn - in order to beat the traffic into Oxford), I decided to use my DAB radio and digitally record the programme rather than listen live. That way, I can also listen as many times as I'd like on my iPod (once I've converted the file format, that is).

What an interesting radio show - one that I'll be recording every week from now on!

Anthoney Wright, along with an excellent backing band and singers, performed two songs live. One was the track that I've been hearing regularly on the radio - "Reset to Zero". The other was called "No Me Without You". What can I say about the performances? Well, now I'm especially looking forward to the release of Wright's first album (hopefully later this year)! The guy has one of the finest soul voices I've heard in a long time. Really.

My only regret about Wright's performance on Radio 2 this week was that Trevor Nelson didn't interview him. Oh well - can't have everything, I guess!

Here's a shot that I grabbed from Radio 2's site. Let's hope that the Beeb won't be too offended that I am using a photo of Anthoney Wright, from Wednesday night, from their site. I'm only borrowing it!

But through that same radio show, I also have discovered an artist about whom I know little. Nelson played a cover version of Miles Davis' famous song "So What" by an artist called Ronny Jordan. I believe it's from 1992. It was just fantastic, and I've already wish-listed the CD containing it on Amazon. Nelson commented that many purist fans of Davis think this version is a sacrilege. I certainly didn't. It was remarkable. I know almost nothing about Jordan, so I guess more research is due.

So a big "thank you" to Trevor Nelson on two counts this week. And as I said, I'll definitely be listening again.



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