Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm listening to - "Washington Square Serenade", Steve Earle, 2007

This is a long overdue writeup about this excellent CD, the latest release by Steve Earle. It's reflective of his new life, with his wife Allison Moorer, in New York City. John and I were lucky enough to get to see a lot of the material from "Washington Square Serenade" performed live in Oxford a few weeks ago.

There are the usual Steve Earle growling vocals, along with some great guitar sounds. On some of the cuts, Earle's voice is nicely contrasted with Moorer's lovely tone. And on "City of Immigrants" - one of my favorite cuts - the Brazilian (mostly) group Forro in the Dark help Earle tell his story.

Perhaps this isn't going to be my all-time favorite Steve Earle recording (that award still goes to "Jerusalem", I think), but it's really good. And having lived in Manhattan myself, I have a lot of affection for this CD.

Favorite track: "Satellite Radio"

Favorite words (not lyrics this time...from Earle's June 2007 introduction in the notes):
In the next life the first thing I'll do is find Allison before anyone else does and then I'll carry her away with me to live in New York City.

Well said, Steve. I could say the very same thing about my John!



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