Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Steve Earle

I haven't disappeared -- well, not permanently, at least! My blogging time has been a little bit limited during June and July, and I'm afraid Auditory Cortex has suffered as a result. But I promised myself I'd manage a post during July. And I'm barely living up to that promise!

I'm in Greenwich tonight, as I'm running a training class in London's Canary Wharf tomorrow. On the train over to London from Oxfordshire this afternoon, I listened to a recording of last Saturday night's Bob Harris show on BBC Radio 2. Bob's a favorite of mine. His website is worth a look, if you haven't already discovered it. It's a great source of information, including links to the artists he plays on his programs.

One of the songs he played last Saturday night was a new one by a favorite of mine, Steve Earle. The song is called "Tennessee Blues", and it's from a forthcoming CD called "Washington Square Serenade".

I didn't realize that Earle and his wife Allison Moorer (shown in the photo at the start of this post) have moved to New York City. According to Bob, this new album reflects his new home city. I can hardly wait for it to be released! It seems like ages since his last CD, 2004's "The Revolution Starts...Now".

And since that last CD, I can't see a photo of Condoleezza Rice without chuckling!