Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm Listening To: KGSR in Austin

I just posted an item on my main blog, Lord Celery, which belongs here, too. It's about what I'm listening to on my new internet radio.

Here's the post.

Believe it or not, we now have a total of four internet radios in our home. Three of them, Roberts units, plug into the wall. So they aren't exactly "portable". But they have wonderful sound, whether through their own speaker or linked into to a larger stereo unit. John gave me the first one last Christmas, and it's plugged into our living room stereo. I then got a second one for the guest room upstairs (which also doubles as "my room"), and then John decided he wanted one for his own bedroom as well. (We do actually share the master bedroom, by the way; we also each have a room for most of our own things. Call it a sanity-saver for a couple who married in middle age!)

Recently I discovered that Pure makes a portable indoor/outdoor digital and internet radio. I just got myself one, and it sits on the windowsill of my bathroom. As UK bathrooms don't have power plugs (apart from plugs for shavers), I didn't have access to digital or internet radio from my bathroom. I listen to a lot of radio in there, too, and now that can even include internet radio! And, as I wrote in my Lord Celery blog, it also means that this radio can go outside with us.

So I can listen to nice-quality internet radio outdoors, as long as I don't stray too far away from our wireless box! And what a joy it is to be listening to Austin, Texas radio as I'm sitting on my patio in North Oxfordshire. I just love technology!



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