Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Two items about recording production

Sorry about my lack of postings recently. I've had lots of ideas of things to write about but not enough available time...mostly because of the fact I have only two more weeks to study for my "Britishness" test. You can read about that in an entry from my main blog, Lord Celery, from May.

But I want to pass along links to two interesting items about recording production.

First is an article that John spotted on the BBC's website a few days ago. It's called "Producers Make 'Music for iPods'". As John commented when he sent me the link, it describes a very interesting connection between modern music production and old-fashioned engineering methods.

And speaking of old engineering techniques...BBC Radio 2 has been running a series of programs called "The Record Producers". Several weeks ago, I digitally recorded the episode which examined the influential Motown production team of Holland Dozier Holland. It's a fascinating program...especially the dissection of some of the most famous Motown hits! I strongly recommend that you give the show a listen, and you can do so through a "Listen Again" link on the web page that I've linked above.



At 5:31 PM, Blogger pawlyshyn said...

Hi Janet:
I've been scouring the Net looking for the BBC Record Producers episode on Holland Dozier Holland, and I found your reference to having recorded it. Do you still have it, and if so, would you mind uploading it? It's long gone from the BBC's site, and I can't find it anywhere else.
Thanks, and cheers from Toronto, Canada,

At 9:17 PM, Blogger Janet said...

I wish I still had it, but sadly it was deleted a long time ago. I'm sorry that I don't still have it. It was a terrific show.

Good luck finding it!


At 2:30 PM, Blogger pawlyshyn said...

Thanks for looking into it, Janet. Someone has posted excerpts of the show on YouTiube, but the clips are maddeningly incomplete. But I agree, from what I've heard. it's one of the best of the (admittedly few) Record Producers shows I've heard.


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