Monday, March 12, 2007

More on "The Calling" -- plus Mostly Autumn

A follow-up to last week's posting about Mary Chapin Carpenter's "The Calling": I've now had time to give the CD a good listen or two, and I like it very much. John agrees and will be putting it into iTunes ASAP (if he hasn't already). For John, that's a serious endorsement to add a CD to his iPod so quickly!

But those of you who are died-in-the-wool American Republicans and/or fans of "W" would be better off avoid it, however. You'll run the risk of being offended if you don't.

Meanwhile, I've discovered another English band. They aren't new...just new to me.

The name of the band is Mostly Autumn. Once again, thank you Bob Harris! Bob played their song "Fading Colours", from their CD "Heart Full of Sky", on his Saturday night show weekend before last. I had digitally recorded the program and was then listening to it on my Nano as I commuted to/from Oxford last week. The song was so intriguing that I played it about 4 times in a row. I ordered the CD from Mostly Autumn's own website last week, and it arrived at home Saturday.

What a great find! How would I describe their sound? Orchestral least lots of strings and synthesizers. Dramatic sound. Lovely vocals and harmonies. A touch folky sometimes. Nice Celtic-sounding wind instruments sometimes, too. The primary female singer has a voice which reminds me a little of Karen Matheson of Capercaillie; she's one of my favorite female British singers, so that's a huge compliment.

I still need to listen more to this CD, but my initial reaction is very positive. I know very little about the band. Their website -- which is linked above -- has extensive bios of the band members. With the acquisition of a new house going on right now (see Lord Celery), I have to admit I just haven't had the time to read through everything on the site. I think Bob said that the band's based in York. And he also suggested that, in his opinion (which I value highly), this recent CD is their best so far.

So perhaps there will be more information to come on this group.

Have any Auditory Cortex readers ever seen Mostly Autumn playing live? If so, I'd love to hear about it.



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