Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Looking through the booklet in Mary Chapin Carpenter's "The Calling"...

I just received Mary Chapin Carpenter's new release "The Calling" in the mail (oops... forgot I'm in England...I should have written in the post) this morning. While contemplating what to go out and pick up for lunch, I did a little browsing through the CD's booklet.

One of the song titles caught my eye. "Houston". Although an Okie by birth, I spent more than half my life living in Houston. Carpenter sometimes mentions the city in her songs. I was curious what this particular song was about.

So I read through the lyrics.'s a song about those displaced from New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina, now living in Houston. I wonder what the song sounds like. Knowing Carpenter's music as well as I do, I'm sure it'll be stunning. I'll give it the first listen in the car on my commute home late this afternoon.

I've only heard one song on this CD so far, and that's because Bob Harris played "On With The Song" on his "Bob Harris Country" program on BBC Radio 2 last Thursday night. The lyrics are terrific. And I see that the song is dedicated to the Dixie Chicks. Good for them...and good for Carpenter for acknowledging them, too.



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